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The Worlds Diet Secrets – Whole grains, vegetables, and pork

“I cant claim the Mediterranean diet is better than the Japanese diet,” Trichopoulos says, “but I can say that its more applicable to the Western diet.” Scientist travels to parts of the world where major disease – cancer, depression, diabetes and heart disease – is rare, places like Okinawa, Japan, Iceland, Cameroon (in West Africa); Crete, Greece; and Copper Canyon, Mexico. FInds a large part of this is diet, rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and sometimes pork. Yes, pork.

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10 essential cocktails you need to know how to make

Here are 10 drinks you absolutely must learn how to make if you want to hold your head high in this world of cocktail mavens.

Master these and anyone you sip with with think you’re a pro. Don’t be intimidated. Making drinks is a piece of cake. Honest.

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‘Ladybug taint’ removed in boxed wine

Keep ladybug taint out of your wine – buy boxed wine!  Via ‘Ladybug taint’ removed in boxed wine – life – 08 June 2009 – New Scientist.

Bread baker Dale Dugan is a rising star —

“Bread knows if you are in a bad mood,” Dugan said, as he pulled open a freshly baked baguette. The crust was crisp, the interior or crumb was soft and composed of perfectly shaped, small bubbles.

“See those nice little bubbles?” Dugan said. “They are saying, I am very happy. I like what you are doing. ”

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