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Top 10 Annoying restaurant design flaws

My favorite (or least favorite): wobbly tables – fix them! The Stew: Top 10 at 10: Annoying restaurant design flaws.

Hot Dogs are deadly for children; a redesign is needed

“If you were to take the best engineers in the world and asked them to design a perfect plug for a childs airway, you couldnt do better than a hot dog,”

via Extreme Makeover, Weiner Edition: RKS Redesigns the Deadly Hot Dog | Design Reach | Fast Company.

Zdir – a Tunisian stew, revisited

Zdir, a chile-tomato stew, will make you wonder where this countrys cuisine has been hiding.  No meat, no cream, sounds delicious and relatively easy to make.

via Tunisias Pungent Secret – Food – The Atlantic.

New Orleans sweet rice fritters (calas) – Francis Lam –

A cala is a New Orleans treat that is similar to a beignet, but made with rice. New Orleans sweet rice fritters (calas) – Francis Lam –

Beer and . . . oysters?

At least two breweries have begun making stout that incorporates real oysters. The Flying Fish Brewing Co. simmered oysters in the barley broth used to create its Exit 1 Bayshore Oyster Stout, and Harpoon Brewery adds one and a half oysters per barrel of Island Creek Oyster Stout Beer and . . . oysters? –

Better Bread With Less Kneading

Master food scientist Harold McGee tested variations of the same recipe to find out whether less work can make a better bread. Results: wet dough does not benefit from kneading, through dryer doughs improve with a few minutes of kneading to mix the flour evenly with the smaller amount of liquid.The Curious Cook – Better Bread With Less Kneading –